Twenty Twenty: An Interview with Chris Breeze

A short interview with the eternally entertaining Chris Breeze. The clause? No answer can be over twenty seconds long. After all, we’re all busy people!

1. Please introduce yourself

My name is Chris Breeze

2. What is it you do?

I am a paraplanner for the IFA team

3. How long have you worked here, and what brought you to A2O?

Nearly a year: I found I was a poor candidate for early retirement.

4. Describe what a typical day in the office looks like for you

I have to manage ongoing tasks and plans alongside new priorities brought in by the IFA team. There’s lots of variety and urgent deadlines – good fun

5. What is the best thing about working for A2O?

The people I work with

6. If A2O had a motto, what would it be?

We’ll earn your trust in us

7. What three values best sum up A2O?

Ethical, Integrity, Reliability 

8. What does A2O do that makes it different?

A2O takes a personalised approach, with targeted support, offering low cost, high value service

9. What are your plans for the future?

To assist in the building of the A2O brand

10. What’s next for A2O?

Strength to strength as word spreads

11. Who inspires you?

Those who struggle to succeed

12. You’re on Mastermind – what’s your specialist subject?


13. What are you better at than anyone else?


14. When you were young, what job did you want to do?

I wanted to be a rally driver

15. Can you tell a good joke?

I’d like to think so. People might manage to keep a straight face but I know underneath they’re cracking up. It’s about a Wide-Mouthed Frog

16. What are your desert island discs?

Todd Rundgren: ‘Initiation’; Van Der Graaf Generator: ‘Still Life’; and Joe Dolce: ‘Shaddap You Face’

17. It’s karaoke night – what’s your song of choice?

Moon River

18. What’s your nickname?


19. Do you have any pets?

Three hens and two sons

20. If you could invite anyone in history to a party, who would it be?

Oliver Hardy

Thank you Mr. Breeze – after your answer to question 12, we’ll all be sure to refer to you as the pastamind!

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