The Importance of Travel Insurance

As the summer holidays are just around the corner and cases start to get packed for that break away in the sunshine, one of the most important things to organise and yet one often left to the last minute or not organised at all, is Travel Insurance to cover you should the unexpected happen. Most travel agents offer travel cover and indeed often these days a packaged bank account might offer travel insurance, however it is really important to ensure that you read the small print and that you comply with the terms of the policy so that it is effective in case of emergency.
I think travel insurance is relatively cheap and it really isn’t worth leaving home without It in place, we would always recommend putting a policy in place as soon as you know you are going to travel, even if the trip is some way in the future- that way, in the event that you are unable to travel- say due to a family emergency – a policy will normally pay out to compensate you if you cannot travel ( of course read the small print as not every policy is the same), at least this way you will be able to rearrange your trip and you won’t lose the money you have paid.
A top tip from Acorn to Oaks for travel insurance is always make sure that if you have any medical issues these are divulged to the insurer before you travel and make sure that the insurer is happy and that they are going to provide full cover for you in the event that you become ill overseas. There have been a number of cases in the press where people do not tell the insurance about high blood pressure or an underlying issue and they have found that on suffering an illness their cover is ineffective and they are left with ridiculously high medical bills and a very expensive trip home.  We have helped quite a few clients who have pre-existing medical conditions who want the comfort of knowing that they are fully covered by a highly reputable insurer- these include clients who have cancer or have had heart problems or strokes in the past. The insurance also extends to clients who are a little older who sometimes find that “off the shelf” policies don’t cater for them.
If you need any advice on travel cover for you and your family this summer don’t hesitate to give us a call – we want you to enjoy your vacations and not have to be concerned that you have the right cover in place if you need it.

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