Beast from the East- Property Owners Beware

Do you have properties that you let out? Are any of them empty?

Its essential that you keep heating on to maintain a temperature of around 16 degrees Celsius or drain down the water in the property.

When properties become really cold over a sustained cold snap, water in pipes easily freezes. When the weather starts to warm, the water expands and breaks the pipes which can cause major damage. If the property is unoccupied, the owner may be unaware and water may run for days before being detected.

In the event of a claim, there are policy conditions relating to unoccupied properties- around heating/ draining water. If landlords do not comply with the conditions an insurer can turn down a claim. If you are unsure are need advice or if you have an unoccupied property that you haven’t told us about please give us a call on 01902 409414 and speak to one of our brokers.

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