Diary of an Intern

Hi! I’m Ed, and I’m doing an internship in communications and marketing at Acorn to Oaks Financial Services Limited. I’m going to talk about the communications strategy that I have been producing for A2O over the last few weeks. I’ll be discussing how the changes we make will benefit both the business, and our clients.

Having been working at A2O for a couple of months now, the seeds of my project have taken root and show great progress. Tasked with perfecting the website experience, on my first day I spent the whole time, with copious amounts of tea and biscuits, doing just that.

“Compassion, fairness and good results are what make A2O so different…”

A2O is a company that deserves to be seen, and contributing to presenting it in the best possible way was a worthwhile investment of my time during my internship. Financial services can often be seen as an occupation that lacks heart – you need only look at the contemporary opinion of bankers for a reflection of that. Compassion, fairness and good results are what make A2O so different from this stereotype, and it is important that clients can get easy access to online information, and that those who come looking for our help and advice get the most accessible and welcoming experience that we can provide.

After my thorough and exhaustive audit, I drank even more tea (and the odd hot blackcurrant) as I wrote up a detailed report of my suggestions, in preparation for my meeting with Claire, our director. The team is close knit, and Claire has been impossibly generous with her time, help and encouragement for someone who is new to internships, and to the company. Whilst my plans to make Tilly – pet dog and office mascot – an internet sensation had to go on hold, Claire and I had a productive and very successful discussion regarding how the improvements would be implemented.

“Clients will have revamped, renewed and some completely new features and information to take advantage of.”

Claire and I agreed on what needed to be done, and we are now in the process of taking these suggestions and using them to make the website even better. Clients will have revamped, renewed and some completely new features and information to take advantage of. Seeing as you are reading this, I hope you’ve liked what you’ve seen!

Once all of these changes have been successfully put in place, the website will be more functional, more informative, and generally better than ever. With this success, the communications strategy can go onto its next stages, focussing on how we deliver our communications to you, and provide you with the best quality service we can: a goal that, as a company, we strive for every day. We have been growing from strength to strength, and thank our clients and partners for their support and kindness in telling others about our work, allowing us to bring a new standard of care and quality to those who need our services.

If you are in need of any financial advice, we would love to give you a hand. If you want to look around the website some more, I would greatly encourage it, as I think it’s looking great! Thanks for reading my post, and I hope you come visit our blog again, to see what else the team has been doing to help nurture your acorns into Oaks.

Until next time,


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