Hints and Tips to Protect your Home

Please read this notice as the advice it contains some useful hints and tips to protect your home. We are committed to supporting you with practical solutions to help you avoid some of the most common causes of damage.

Freeze and Escape of Water


  • If you leave your home unattended, leave the heating on low (around 15°C)
  • Know where the water shut-off valve (stopcock) is to isolate the supply in an emergency
  • Lag pipes in the lost and check that the header and water tanks are insulated
  • Lag outside water taps to prevent them freezing and pipes bursting
  • In severe cold weather open the loft hatch to warm the void
  • Plastic plumbing joints will probably degrade sooner than metal ones, so keep an eye out for the slightest hint of water
  • If you are going to be away for an extended period, consider draining down your plumbing and heating system, but please do so with professional advice


  • Regularly check the condition of all roofs. In particular check garage, shed and flat roofs for signs of wear and tear, as this is of particular importance in heavy snow with the unexpected additional weight
  • Keep gutters, gullies and drains clear to carry water away quickly and efficiently
  • A blocked downpipe with trapped rainwater may crack or shatter in freezing conditions
  • Consider cutting back low hanging tree branches which could cause damage in high winds.

All information reference Ageas Insurance Limited  

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