Final Thoughts from a Financial First-Timer

Hello again,

As the new year begins, so do new journeys. One door opens as another one closes, as the saying goes. From being a first-timer to the world of finance when I began working with Acorn to Oaks, and now moving on to new endeavours, I would like to share my thoughts regarding my time with this brilliant company, and what lessons I will be taking with me into 2017.

If you’ve read my first blog post for A2O (you can find it here) then you know that I have been working at A2O as an intern for the last few months. The team at A2O have been incredibly supportive and encouraging, allowing me to work, contribute and engage in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Through handling the marketing and communications for the company, I have gained some interesting insights into how financial PR should operate: as a parting gift, I would like to share these with you.

One must observe that a great many people could do with good financial advice. This may seem quite obvious, but it is fascinating to see the impact that proper and considered professional advice can have. I have mentioned before that finance as a topic can appear intimidating to the unititiated, and cause those most in need to neglect seeking advice.

A2O is a model of approachability in this regard, and ensuring that service is friendly, bespoke, and – most importantly – fair is something that this company holds close to its heart. Their attentiveness to the needs of their clients is admirable, and ensures both a strong reputation and good word-of-mouth. Acting to broadcast this reputation is an activity that benefits everyone: A2O is able to give more people the help they deserve.

I have learnt a great deal from my experience at Acorn to Oaks. Given the name of the company, it is fitting that I feel that I have grown considerably from holding the responsibilities of the role. Whilst I may be moving on, A2O is a company that has all the staying power, and, properties, of an evergreen: time-tested, reliable, supportive, grounded, and with roots that are strong enough to endure any test.

Whatever the year may bring (with all of the surprises 2016 held, who knows what might happen?), Acorn to Oaks will continue to grow from strength to strength. It is with fondness that I continue my travels, and sincerely hope to cross paths with the team at A2O again – I may be young, but then again, it’s never too early to sort out your pension!

Best wishes to everyone for 2017,


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