Can you help Jasmine Hunter and family


One of our members of staff Mark Smith (pictured above) is taking part in a charity leg wax to help raise money for a little girl called Jasmine.

Jasmine Hunter is a four year old girl who has developed a rare type of cancer for somebody her age. The type of cancer is Ewing sarcoma and most commonly occurs in the long bones, ribs, pelvis and spine (vertebral column).

However Jasmine has developed a more uncommon version known as extraosseous Ewing sarcoma which is a primitive neuroectodermal tumour (PNET) and has developed in Jasmine’s soft tissue. Jasmine is currently undergoing treatment for the sarcoma. Her treatment is not going as planned and her only option is go to America to face ten weeks of emergency treatment.

Whilst there, her family wish to take her to Disney World so she has something positive to look forward to whilst undergoing her treatment.

Mark has already completed a 200km bike ride raising an amazing amount of £1,980 along with Jasmine’s family.

You can sponsor Mark and everyone else taking part by clicking the link below


Jasmine’s family need to raise a total of £2,500 and although they are not far off their target any extra donations would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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