At Acorn To Oaks we offer a full range of Financial Services.

Our aim is to be your advisor of choice, someone you and your family turn to when you need it. Whether for your business or you personally.

Mortgages - Acorn To Oaks Financial Services

At Acorn To Oaks our experience covers all aspects from the normal purchase and re-mortgage, large mortgages for high net worth individuals, arranging buy to let finance for all the possible property types including HMOs, to semi-commercial and full commercial lending.

Insurance - Acorn To Oaks Financial Services

We only deal with A Rated Insurers. We place business with the most appropriate insurer to give our clients the right product at the best possible price. We search the market each year to ensure that client’s can be sure that we are undertaking the role of their broker properly. We also like to come out and meet clients at the start of the relationship and annually on review.

Commerical Lending - Acorn To Oaks Financial Services

There are a large variety of lenders operating in this area. They range from High Street banks all the way through to small niche lenders who only lend in particular circumstances. Here at Acorn To Oaks we have access to all the lenders who operate with intermediaries and each time we have a commercial lending opportunity we search the market to see who will best suit your needs.

Pensions - Acorn To Oaks Financial Services

Auto Enrolment is a government initiative aimed at helping individuals save for later life through occupational pension schemes. Here at Acorn to Oaks our advisers will ensure employers are ready to meet their obligations under the new rules. Our advisers guide employers from the beginning to the end of the process; Aiding with the selection, implementation and ongoing management of your chosen scheme.

Savings - Acorn To Oaks Financial Services

Our success is very much dependant on your success. We work on your behalf to provide suitable recommendations in accordance with your planning scenarios. This creates a much more relaxed relationship in which clients can be open and honest with us about their financial goals and not feel pressured into buying one either. We will work with you in creating a tangible financial plan for the future and suggest creative solutions to help you achieve your objectives.

Protection - Acorn To Oaks Financial Services

Here at Acorn to Oaks you will receive full advice and be protected via our advice process and we will discuss the use of trusts to make sure your money goes where you want it to. Personal protection, family protection business protection and succession planning are all areas of expertise.


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